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  • News: CROM held its Annual Workshop at Department of Energy technology on February 12, 2020. The purpose of this workshop was to provide a comprehensive annual overview and future road-map of CROM research frameworks. This year, presentations from CROM staff members and PhD students, the Department of Electrical Engineering (DEE) - UPC (Barcelona, Spain) and IEG research group - UMH (Elche, Spain) were given.

  • 2020 CROM Workshop


  • The Polish ministry of science picked AAU as a best practice because of the successful advancement on the rankings. In that connection several groups consisting of rectors, deans, adm directors, department leaders and head of Secretatiats (around 100 persons in November and December 2019 and January 2020) from the biggest and medium size polish Universities have been through a 5 day course to learn, how you can support and implement a reform of the Polish university sector. The participants visited our Department of Energy Technology, the UNESCO Center of Problem based learning, BUILD, The University Library, and Rectors Secretariat. The Polish leaders also got a good perception of the interface between the University and Aalborg Municipality along with a wide range of cooperative projects: Arctic Consensus, House of Energy, Acess2Innovation, North Denmark EU Office, Platform projects, the language center and International House North Denmark. NOVI has presented their science park and several start ups with examples in new global companies (AnyBody, DIGURA, HEXASTATE, DIS/CREADIS, Sensade, LEAD). The participants have been rated the project very high and especially topics such as: ranking models and methods, project based study environment, PBL, management models at the Faculty and dep. Level, external funding, cooperation with industry and local area and commercialization of research results have been praised.

    Poland Visit

  • The first 2020 CROM party was held at the Department of Energy Technology. Several get-together activities such as Karaoke sessions, Introductions, and Juan Vasquez's birthday was also celebrated in this party.

CROM party 2020

  • Postdoc Mashood Nasir attended the 2nd General Assembly Meeting of ASSET Project on January 13-14,2020 in Athens.
    ASSET GA meeting



  • Najmeh Bazmohammadi finalized her PhD on December 23th 2019. She is currently research assistant at CROM, finalized her PhD entitled "Development of A Decision algorithm Based on Distributed Control Theory in Smart Microgrids", on December 23th 2019. She was a PhD student of K. N. Toosi University of Technology, Tehran, Iran and a PhD visiting scholar in CROM at Aalborg University during December 2017 to August 2019.
  • Najmeh Bazmohammadi PhD Defence


  • PhD Mojtaba Mehrzadi attended the IEEE 1st International Conference on Electrical, Control and Instrumentation Engineering - IEEE ICECIE 2019 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Nov 25, 2019. He presented the article entitled 'Operation Planning of Standalone Maritime Power Systems Using Particle Swarm Optimization'

  • Delegation of Henan Polytechnic University (HPU) from China, led by Vice President Prof. Junwei Zhao, visited CROM members and laboratory facilities on November 8th 2019. The AAU ViceDean of The Faculty of Engineering and Science, Prof. Olav Geil, gave an introductory welcome while HPU gave a Career Talk presentation at ET department.

    HPU delegation visits CROM facilities and members
  • Yajuan Guan as Keynote Speaker at Electric Power and Power Electronics Conference October 3rd 2019, Växjö, Sweden. The presentation focused on Microgrid technologies, architectures and IoT solutions

    Yajuan as Keynote Speaker