Welcome to the Villum Center for Research on Microgrids - CROM

Latest News and EVENTS

There will be 3 presentations from CROM staff members Profs. Josep Guerrero, Sanjay Chaudhary and Yajuan Guan, at the AAU Energy Research Day hosted by AAU Energy on April 26. A research day where we celebrate our research and invite our business partners, collaborators and interested parties to discuss how we can best contribute to the green transition. Emphasis will be on the department’s societal impact and how we are part of the movement towards sustainability.

The kick-off meeting regarding the Danida project entitled Microgrid Technologies for Remote Indonesian Islands – TECH-IN will be on Monday, June 28th. The outcomes of this project will foster the ‘Indonesian Energy Revolution’ with potential decision-makers and stakeholders including Indonesian authorities, transmission grid operators and market players

The kick-off meeting regarding the Danida project entitled Renewable Energy based Minigrid Clusters in Ethiopia - REMCE will be on Monday, July 5th. REMCE aims at solving the challenges of large-scale deployment of renewable energy-based minigrids, while boosting the electricity access in the rural communities of Ethiopia at SNNPR region since it has remote areas not connected to the grid with high solar and wind power potential.


Welcome to our Center for Research on Microgrids - CROM

CROM is a European leading research center, affiliated to the Department of Energy Technology at Aalborg University. It is dedicated to the sustainable development on multi-disciplinary energy frameworks, providing reliable and optimal cutting-edge solutions to AC and DC microgrids, shipboard, offshore and maritime applications, space electric power systems, IoT-based energy systems among others. With more than 10 years of experience, CROM currently comprises world-class laboratories, having so far more than 100 members, including researchers, PhD students, and visiting scholars. As a major research center, CROM has established a close international cooperation with industry firms, universities, and research institutions.

This research group is aligned with the following 
UN Sustainable Development Goals.